BBOB’s post Christmas ride

The BBOB’s have been out for a post Christmas ride. Not good. Not even close to below average speeds. And we had to take a flat route as you can see, via this Strava link.

New Year Cycling Resolutions

Winter miles for summer smiles sums it up. All three of us had enjoyed Christmas to the full.  The brave BBOB talk was of losing “at least 10 kg” by the end of March. Let’s face it, January to March weather does not lend itself to cycling.  We have made similar resolutions in the past, but enter 2019 with a new sense of the grit and determination required to get miles into the legs.

Heavy post Christmas cyclists about to take on Aldwark Bridge

Are New Year cycling resolutions needed ?

A combined 360 kg tested the load carrying capacity of Aldwark Bridge.

The profile shots on Cattal bridge really make the point. Here we see Sunblocker Steve straining every sinew to get over Cattal bridge.

Sunblocker Steve cycling on Cattal Bridge

Bill Routemeister followed Steve, cycling for the cameras!

Bill Routemeister cycling over Cattal Bridge

The BBOB’s are clear, faced with incontrovertible facts, that New Year cycling resolutions are required.

Setting a target

We agreed to target a sportive a month from March to July and 2,500 miles for the year.  That’s about 50 miles a week or one decent ride per week. Sounds easy from the comfort of this chair! 2018 saw 2,208 miles covered according to Strava and 92,195 feet climbed.

We are also combining this with sane and sensible eating and a dry January, once  the New Year’s eve blow out is done with. 10kg lost by the end of March should be do-able.

Winter bike blues

The winter bike is my original road bike and is getting on a bit. This Van Nicholas has a titanium frame, triple rings and is all set up for the harsh winter roads. Sadly, the time has come to spend a few £’s. Whenever any force is applied the chain is slipping , a sure sign of excess wear and tear.

Winter Bike at York by the River Ouse

All Terrain Cycling in Wetherby took a look for me. The mechanic was not impressed with my bike. Two of the three rings were worn down. The rear cassette was knackered. A chain measure showed wear more or less off the scale. In short, it is a case of bike abuse and little wonder the chain has been slipping under pressure.

This bike has an old Shimano 105 set up with parts not all held in stock. So, more or less a complete new drive train is on order.

So as a result of all this, the summer bike is back out, complete with a wonky rear mudguard, until the winter bike is repaired.

Trek Madone with mudguard on Cattal Bridge

Wish us luck with the New Year Cycling Resolutions. Here’s to a great 2019.


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